Monday, August 17, 2015

The first post

I am really hoping to accomplish a view things with this blog:
1. Get better organized in my cooking
and 2. Share my journey through cooking.

I never cooked... NEVER, before I met my husband. I was a frozen dinner kinda girl. Once I met Calvin I wanted to impress him with my cooking. So the first meal I ever really cooked was a homemade calzone and I even made the dough myself. That was four years ago now.

I am not a Betty Crocker type that can just go into the kitchen and throw a bunch of stuff together. I have to have a recipe.

I have grown to enjoy cooking and baking. The baking especially. Making bread is a great thing and really easy.

We did a huge garden this year (and my first ever). It was a complete success and has been really nice when I need an onion or pepper to just go into my back yard.

Here are some picture of our garden:

I hope to help inspire you to cook along with me.

But I do have one question. My husband asked me a question that I had really never thought about: "Do I cook because I like it?" Its a yes no for me. Would I cook if he wasn't there to eat, no. Do I enjoy cooking for him, yes.

So my questions for you is, what makes you want to cook?